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First English presentation in America at Weber's Music Hall, New York,
September 26th. 1910.

Cast of Characters

THEOBALD Charles A. Bigelow
GASTON George W. Leslie
PIQUART   (a detective) George Loane Tucker
RENAULT   (a notary) Fred Truesdell
DUNOIR   (a minister) E. F. Nagle
ALMA Kitty Gordon
ANTOINETTE   (Theobald's wife) Georgia Harvey
GERMAINE   (his daughter) Iva Barbour
LOUISE   (a housemaid) Charlotte Leslay
FLEURETTE   (Alma's maid) Ethel Dovey
MIMI   (a maid) Daisy James

Synopsis of Scenes

ACT I -   The house of the Martins.
ACT II -   Alma's boudoir.
ACT III -   The house of the Martins.

MIDI Files

ACT I   -   The house of the Martins.

ACT II   -   Alma's boudoir.

  • No. 7 - Trio - "When the shadows come at sundown, before the lights appear ... if you look around, it will be found a Boogie Boo is here..."
  • No. 8 - Duet - Pierre and Alma - "I met you last night in Love's land of dreams, you came with a smile and I knew what it meant..."
  • No. 9 - Song - Alma - "I have a most sea-worthy boat, my passenger you'll be;  I'll guarantee this boat will float o'er life's uncertain sea..."
  • No. 10 - Song - Pierre and Ensemble - "On our old garden wall, where moonbeams bright would fall, in lonely grandeur sat our stately Thomas Cat..."
  • No. 11 - Finale Act II - "Now you little children, listen to me do.  You must always try to be so good and true..."

ACT III   -   The house of the Martins again.

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