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First performed at the Chestnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, on March 26th. 1894,
then opened at the Broadway Theatre, New York, on September 2nd, 1895.

Cast of Characters

SHRIMPS — Champion Canoeist, and Village "Jack-of-all-Trades" - in love with Kitty.
CAPTAIN TARPAULIN — of the fishing smack "Nancy" and keeper of the Light-House.
ROY STIRLING — A follower of Isaak Walton — in love with Bonnie.
ADMIRAL POMPOSO — A Spanish Grandee with a hobby for collecting rare antiquities.
  An Italian Nobleman, betrothed to Bonnie in infancy.
SALVADOR — Bodyguard to Admiral Pomposo.
LIEUTENANT FUSEE — A Spanish Officer.
CAPTAIN SURF — A Fisherman.
KITTY CLOVER — Captain of the Canoe Club, and the Belle of the Village.
  "Auntie Crab", Tarpaulin's Sister - assistant keeper of the Light.
DONNA POMPOSO — Wife of Admiral Pomposo.
BONNIE — Princess Bonnabellavita, adopted daughter of Capt. Tarpaulin and niece of
  Admiral Pomposo.

MIDI Files

ACT I   -   The Coast of Maine, near Bar Harbor.

ACT II   -   Courtyard of Admiral Pomposo's Palace in Spain.

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