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Kirke La Shelle provided the libretto for Julian Edwards' bold score for The Princess Chic which opened at the Casino Theatre, New York, on 12 February 1900.

La Shelle's tale told how Princess Chic of Normandy, disguised as a peasant, warns Charles the Bold of King Louis' plans to make trouble. Charles falls in love with the maid and learns her true station in time for a happy ending. The show survived only twenty two performances.

Dramatis Personæ

CHARLES THE BOLD   (Duke of Burgundy) Winfield Blake
FRANÇOIS   (Marquis of Claremont, his friend) Edgar Temple
CHAMBERTIN   (Steward to the Duke) Richard Golden
LOUIS XI   (King of France) Melville Collins
BREVET   (a swaggering soldier of fortune) J. C. Miron
BRABEAU   (his comrade) Walter A. Lawrence
HERALDS   (to the Duke and to the Princess) {
Lawrence Frye
E. S. Beverley
POMMARD   (Steward to the Princess) Harry Brown
LORRAINE   (Page to the Princess) Mathilde Preville
ESTELLE   (Daughter of Chambertin) Louise Willis Hepner
PRINCESS CHIC   (of Normandy) Christie MacDonald

MIDI Files

ACT I   -   Courtyard of the Duke's Chateau, Peronne, Burgundy, in 1468.

ACT II   -   Grand Hall of the Chateau.

ACT III   -   Courtyard of the Duke's Chateau.  (Same as Act I.)

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Vocal Score at the University of Rochester.

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