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In Dahomey: A Negro Musical Comedy was a landmark American musical comedy, "the first full-length musical written and played by blacks to be performed at a major Broadway house." It featured music by Will Marion Cook, book by Jesse A. Shipp, and lyrics by poet Paul Laurence Dunbar. Producedd at the New York Theatre, New York, on 18 February 1903.

Dramatis Personæ

JE-JE   (a caboceer) Charles Moore
MENUKI   (Messenger of the King) William Elkins
SHYLOCK HOMESTEAD   (called "Shy" by his friends) Bert A. Williams
RAREBACK PINKERTON   ("Shy's" personal friend and adviser) George W. Walker
HAMILTON LIGHTFOOT   (president of a colonization society) Pete Hampton
DR. STRAIGHT   (in name only, a street fakir) Fred Douglas
MOSE LIGHTFOOT   William Barker
  (brother of Hamilton, thinks Dahomey a land of great promise)  
GEORGE REEDER   (proprietor of an intelligence office) Alex Rogers
HENRY STAMPFIELD Walter Richardson
  (letter carrier, with an argument against immigration)  
ME SING   (a Chinese cook) George Catlin
HUSTLING CHARLEY   (promoter of Get-the-Coin Syndicate) J. A. Shipp
LEATHER   (a bootblack) Richard Connors
MESSENGER RUSH   (but not often) Theodore Pankey
PANSY   (Daughter of Cecilia Lightfoot, in love with Leather) Abbie Mitchell
CECILIA LIGHTFOOT   (Hamilton's wife) Mrs. Hattie McIntosh
MRS. STRINGER   Mrs. Lottie Williams
  (dealer in forsaken patterns, also editor of fashion notes in "Beanville Agitator")
ROSETTA LIGHTFOOT   (a troublesome young thing) Aida Overton Walker

MIDI Files

PROLOGUE   -   Garden of the Caboceer (Governor of a Province).

ACT I   -   Public Square, Boston.   Three months later.

ACT II   -  (1) Exterior of Lightfoot's Home, Gatorville, Florida.  
(2) Road, one and a half miles from Gatorville. (3) Interior of Lightfoot's Home.

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