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Dream City and The Magic Knight, with book and lyrics by Edgar Smith and music by Victor Herbert was first produced at Weber's Music Hall, New York, on 25 December 1906.

Dream City is set in "the immediate future according to current real estate advertisements." J. Billington Holmes, a fast talking promoter, convinces Wilhelm Dinglebender that his farm at Malaria Center, Long Island, will make the perfect site for an elaborate housing development. In a dream Dinglebender visualizes the fabulous new town and attends a performance at its new opera house.

The opera is The Magic Knight, a burlesque of Wagner's Lohengrin.

Dramatis Personæ

Dream City

  (A Long Island truck-farmer with a dreamy disposition and a chronic distaste for labor)
J. BILKINGTON HOLMES   (A Real Estate "boomer" with the plans of an ideal city) Otis Harlan
SETH HUBBS   (Village Hackman and the oracle of Malaria Center) Will T. Hodge
HENRI D'ABSINTHE   (An Artist in search of "Atmosphere") Maurice Farkoa
          (A City flat-dweller, spending the week-end with his family in the country)
W. L. Romaine
WILLIE PECK   (His restless offspring) Lores Grimm
OLD MAN PLATT   (A relic) Major Johnson
(Village "Romeos") {
W. D. Stevenson
Ernest Wood
W. J. McCormack
BIG BILL HANKINS   (A Farm Hand) Will Lodella
TUFFIE   (An incubator chicken) David Abrams
NANCY   (Dinglebender's daughter and the belle of the Malaria Center) Cecilia Loftus
MARIA DINGLEBENDER (His wife, with energy enough for two, and a "bossy" disposition) Lillian Lee
AMANDA BOGGS   (The "help" at the Dinglebender Farm) Madelyn Marshall
MRS. HENRY PECK   (With alleged society connections in the Metropolis) Cora Tracy
(Her daughters) {
Billy Norton
Lois Ewell
Lillian De Lee
SARAH SMITH   (A Villager) Ella Tate

The Magic Knight

ELSA   (A typical grand operatic maiden in the usual distressing predicament) Lillian Blauvelt
ORTRUD   (Her contralto aunt, given to dabbling in the art of magic) Cora Tracy
FREDERICK   (Her hen-pecked uncle) Otis Harlan
THE KING   (A base monarch) Frank Belcher
LOHENGRIN   (A professional rescuer of distressed maidens) Maurice Farkoa
THE HERALD   (A mediaeval news announcer) W. L. Romaine
(An item in a foul conspiracy) Lores Grimm
(Three Knights) {
Billy Norton
Lois Ewell
Lillian De Lee

MIDI Files

ACT I   -   The Dinglebender Farm at Malaria Center, Long Island.

  • No. 1 - Chorus - "Oh, the heat!  And the 'skeet!  There is naught here to delight us.  We're afraid, in the shade, that the cows will come and bite us.."
  • No. 2 - Shady Lane Sextette - "Peachy and pearly, sweet city girlie, if you have no other beau, may I be your Romeo? ..."
  • No. 3 - Duett - Hubbs and Amanda - "He was a rooster, chesty and haughty, wise to the world, blasé ... She was a bantam, giddy and naughty..."
  • No. 4 - Song - Dinglebender and Chorus - "I'm not stuck to be a farmer, for I've loafed hard my life, and all I have ever saved up is a mortgage and a wife..."
  • No. 5 - Song - Holmes and Chorus - "Will you step right up and buy a home in Dream-town?  Just at present it is nothing but a map..."
  • No. 6 - Song - Nancy - "When a little maid suburban, all unused to manners urban, spends a week in New York town..."
  • No. 7 - Song - Henri D'Absinthe - "The maiden of my fancy is so divinely fair, the sunbeams love to linger, to nestle in her hair..."
  • No. 8 - Finale Act I - "March away, yes, march away; we gaily march with a rum-tiddy tum, tiddy tum, tra-ra.  Dream-town gay awakes today..."

ACT II   -   The Principal Square in Dream City.

ACT III   -   "The Magic Knight" - an opera performed in the Dream City's opera house.

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