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The Fair Co-Ed , with book and lyrics by George Ade and music by Gustav Luders was first produced at the Knickerbocker Theatre, New York, on 1 February 1909.

The play is set in Bingham College where Cynthia is the only co-ed, a concession to her father's importance to the school. When her father dies suddenly, it is discovered his will stipulates Cynthia must marry a Bingham graduate. It is a worrisome clause since her fiancé, Davy Dickerson, seems certain to flunk out. But learning of the requirement he makes a determined effort to succeed.

Dramatis Personæ

DAVY DICKERSON   (Almost a Senior) Arthur Stanford
WELLINGTON REED   ('78 - An Old Grad) Sydney Harvis
JOSEPH CADWALLADER   (Professor of Psychology) Edgar Halstead
ERNEST GRUBB   (A Scholarship Star) H. David Todd
FREDDIE CARRINGTON   (A Society Star) Lionel Walsh
BOB CHESTER   (An Athletic Star) James Reaney
CAPTAIN PEACOCK   (A Military Star) Donald McLaren
SQUAB DINGLE   (A Freshman) Harry Clarke
GROUCH HUBBARD   (President of the Woman Haters League) Leavitt James
A SERGEANT Stewart Belnap
JIMMY   (Cynthia's Cousin) Harry Depp
CYNTHIA BRIGHT   (The Only Co-Ed) Elsie Janis
ANGELINA BAXTER   (of Red Wing, Minn.) Inez Bauer
HAZEL PINKHAM   (of Worcester, Mass.) Rose Winter
BYRDIE WHEELER   (of Boise, Idaho) Marion Mills
MAGNOLIA CURTIS   (of Jackson, Miss.) Eleanor Pendleton
MRS. TROTWOOD   (of Muncie, Ind.) Bertha Holly

MIDI Files

ACT I   -   In front of Bright Hall, Bingham College.
Afternoon of May 1st., this year (1909).

ACT II   -   Interior of the Armory and Drill Hall, the following evening.

ACT III   -   On the Campus, Class Day, Early in June.

Note:   The vocal score does not identify the soloist in items 2, 8, 9 or 12

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