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Fantana is a musical comedy in three acts with book by Robert B. Smith and Sam S. Shubert, lyrics by Robert B. Smith and music by Raymond Hubbell. Produced at the Lyric Theatre, New York, on 14 January 1905.

Dramatis Personæ

COMMODORE EVERETT   (a retired naval officer) Hubert Wilke
HAWKINS   (valet to the Commodore) Jefferson De Angelis
LIEUT. SINCLAIR WARREN   (of H.M.S. Pontiac) Frank Rushworth
FRED EVERETT   (a recent graduate of Annapolis) Frederic Rose
HENRI PASDOIT   (a waiter from the Café Odion, Paris) George Beban
HON. KOGORO TAKAHIRA   (Japanese minister to America) Philip Leigh
MARQUIS KIOTO   (Governor of the Kinshin Province, Japan) Robert Broderick
G. PERCIVAL DUNN   (a fashion plate) Fletcher Norton
FANNY EVERETT   Adele Ritchie
  (daughter of Commodore Everett, nicknamed "Fantana")  
JESSIE   (her maid) Katie Barry
ELSIE STURTEVANT   (a New York belle, schoolmate of Fanny's) Julia Sanderson
MLLE. ANITA   (Parisian vaudeville artist) Nellie McCoy
THE KID Nellie Follis

MIDI Files

ACT I   -   Exterior and grounds of Hotel Del Monte, Monterey, California.

ACT II   -   Exterior Palace and residence of Marquis Kioto, Nagasaki, Japan.

ACT III   -   On board the Commodore's yacht Japanica, homeward bound.


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