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Going Up is a musical comedy in three acts with music by Louis Hirsch and book and lyrics by Otto Harbach and James Montgomery. Set in Lenox, Massachusetts, United States at the end of World War I, the musical tells the story of a writer turned aviator who wins the hand of the high society girl that he loves by his daring handling of the joystick of a biplane.

After tryouts from November 15, 1917 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, it opened on Broadway at the Liberty Theatre, New York on December 25, 1917. It ran for 351 performances.

Dramatis Personæ

MISS ZONNE, a telephone girl Ruth Donnelly
JOHN GORDON, manager of the Gordon Inn John Park
F. H. DOUGLAS, a chronic bettor Donald Meek
MRS. DOUGLAS, his wife Grace Peters
JULES GAILLARD, their prospective son-in-law Joseph Lertora
GRACE DOUGLAS, his fiancee Edith Day
MADELINE MANNERS, her chum Marion Sunshine
HOPKINSON BROWN, her fiance Frank Otto
ROBERT STREET, author of "Going Up" Frank Craven
JAMES BROOKS, his publisher Arthur Stuart Hull
SAM ROBINSON, a mechanician Edward Begley
LOUIS, Gaillard's mechanician Francois Vaulry

MIDI Files

  • Selection   (intended also as the basis for an overture)
  • Overture    (reduced to a more reasonable length from the above selection, by eliminating six repeated passages)

ACT I   -   Lounging room at Gordon Inn, Lenox, Massachusetts.

ACT II   -   Sitting room of Robert Street's apartment at the Inn, same evening.

ACT III   -   Scene 1   -   A field near Gordon Inn, six o'clock the next afternoon.

ACT III   -   Scene 2   -   Another portion of the field.

ACT III   -   Scene 3   -   In the air, an hour later.

ACT III   -   Scene 4   -   Exterior of Hotel, one hour later.

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