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The Girl and the Governor is a musical comedy with a libretto by S. M. Brenner and music by Julian Edwards which opened at the Manhattan Theatre, New York, on 4 February 1907.

Dramatis Personæ

DON PASCAL DE MESQUITA   (Governor of La Guayra) Mr. Jefferson De Angelis
DICK KINGSLEY   (an English Officer) Richie Ling
PEDRILLO   (Lieutenant to the Governor) Andrew Bogart
(Spanish High Commissioners) {
Arthur Barry
Russell Lennon
Roland Carter
TACOMA   (an Indian Medicine Man) Henry Vogal
MESSENGER Frank Holmes
RUTH GRANVILLE   (an English Girl) Estelle Wentworth
DONNA ISADORA   (a Spanish Lady) Maude Leekley
CARITA   (her maid) Lillian Rhoades

MIDI Files

ACT I   -   The Fort, overlooking the Harbor of La Guayra.

ACT II   -   Donna Isadora's Garden.

ACT III   -   Banquet Room in the Governor's Palace, La Guayra.

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