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The Grand Mogul is a musical comedy with a book and lyrics by Frank Pixley and music by Gustav Luders which opened at the New Amsterdam Theatre, New York, on 25 March 1907.

Dramatis Personæ

HON. JOSEPHUS WALKER   (Provisional Governor of Hawaii) John Dunsmure
  (in command of U.S. Gunboat "Yorktown")  
LOFTY BALDWIN   (an aeronaut with soaring ambitions) W. H. Macart
PROF. MUGGS, F.R.G.S.   (traveling in the interest of science) Sager Midgeley
JACK MARLIN   (skipper of the schooner "Kate Flyaway") J. K. Adams
HANNIBAL   (colored body servant to Governor Walker) A. Seymour Brown
YU LI   (celestial assistant to Baldwin) Eugene Moulan
THE GRAND MOGUL   (ruler of the Island of Inde) John Dunsmure
LUMBAGO   (the Mogul's Prime Minister) A. Seymour Brown
RUTH WALKER   (daughter of Governor Walker) Maud Lillian Berri
LOLA   (a half-caste Kanaka girl) Edith St. Clair
DOLLY MUGGS   (daughter of Prof. Muggs) Carrie Reynolds
FUZZYWUDGE   (the Mogul's wife) Phoebe Coyne
MIDDY   (messenger to Newton) Pauline Thorne
G. WASHINGTON BARKER   (a former circus side-showman) Frank Moulan

MIDI Files

ACT I   -   Grounds of the Royal Palace at Honolulu.

ACT II   -   Throne Room of the Grand Mogul's Palace, on the Island of Inde.

ACT III   -   Fortified Square, outside of the Grand Mogul's Palace.   The next morning.

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