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Gypsy Love is a romantic comic opera in three acts with music by Franz Lehar, book by Harry B. Smith and lyrics by Harry B. and Robert B. Smith from the German by A. M. Willner and Robert Bodanzky. Produced at the Globe Theatre, New York, on 17 October 1911.

Dramatis Personæ

ZORIKA Miss Marguerite Sylva
NIKLAS   (her father) Mr. Harry Mc Donough
JOZSI   (a Gypsy musician) Mr. Arthur Albro
FEDOR   (Zorika's betrothed) Mr. Carl Haydn
ILMA   (a young widow) Miss Frances Demarest
MIKEL   (proprietor of Café Orientale, Buda Pesth) Mr. George I. Bickel
LILIA   (niece of Niklas, a schoolgirl, ambitious to marry) Miss Dorothy Webb
KASPAR   (a bashful youth, son of the burgomaster) Mr. Robert G. Pitkin
MOSCHU   (a tonsorial artist and beauty doctor) Mr. Albert Hart
SACHA   (Zorika's old nurse) Miss Lucie Mitchell
MAGDA   (a maid servant) Miss Josephine Harmon
DIMITRI   (a waiter at the Café Orientale) Mr. Anton Hanschmann
FANCHA   (a maid) Miss Kittie Saville
HENRY Master Robert Smith
ETTA Miss Oralla Mars

MIDI Files

ACT I   -   Park of the Chateau Niklas, Roumania.

ACT II   -   Palm Garden, Café Orientale, Buda Pesth.

ACT III   -   Park of the Chateau Niklas, Roumania.   (same as Act I)

These files are also available in Karaoke format (zipped file) so you can follow the lyrics as they play.
You will need the Van Basco Karaoke player for these.

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