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King Dodo is a musical comedy in three acts with book and lyrics by Frank Pixley and music by Gustav Luders. It was produced at Daly's Theater, New York on 12 May 1902.

Cast of Characters

KING DODO I.   (a ruler by divine right only) William Norris
PEDRO   (a court chamberlain) Miro Delamotta
DR. FIZZ   (court physician) Arthur Wooley
MUDGE   (court historian) Charles W. Meyer
SANCHO   (an innkeeper) Albert Juhre
BONILLA   (Prime Minister to Queen Lili) William Pruette
LO BASSWOOD   (a sign of better times) Geo. W. Callahan
(Citizens) {
W. J Wilson
John Barry
G. B. Jackson
Ray Aldrich
PIOLA   (soldier of fortune) Lillian Green
ANGELA   (the King's ward, betrothed to Piola) Celeste Wynne
QUEEN LILI   (ruler of Spoopjus) Maude Lambert
ANNETTE   (daughter of Sancho) Gurtrude Quinlan
PURSUIVANT Lillian Lancaster
Lillie Sieger
Tillie Sieger

MIDI Files

ACT I   -   Exterior of King Dodo's Palace in Dodo Land.

ACT II   -   Gardens fronting Queen Lili's Palace in Spoopju Land.

ACT III   -   The Spoopju Spring.

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