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The Kiss Waltz is an English version of Ziehrer's 1908 operetta Liebeswaltzer which opened at the Casino Theatre, New York, on 18 September 1911. The English lyrics are by Matthew Woodward and additional music by Jerome Kern.

Cast of Characters

COUNT ARTHUR WILDENBERG   (a jealous husband) William Pruette
JENNY, COUNTESS WILDENBERG   (a flirtatious wife) Elsa Ryan
NELLA, BARONESS von BERNAU   (her cousin) Flora Zabelle
GUIDO SPINI   (a composer) Robert Warwick
LEOPOLD FUHRINGER   (a "nouveau riche") Charles Bigelow
KATHI   (his wife) Eva Davenport
ANTSCHI   (their daughter) Adele Rowland
PAUL von GERVAIS   (an impecunious baronet) Martin Brown
MARQUIS ROGET   (a gossip) George Pauncefort
BRISSARD   (maitre d'Hotel) Robert Milliken
JACQUES   (garçon) Oscar Schwarz
    (Guests at the Hotel Elektra) {
Lillia Wiggins
Olga Hempstone
Mae Allen
Mildred Manners
    (Guests at the Villa Wildenberg) {
Robert Milliken
Oscar Schwarz

MIDI Files

  • Overture   (arranged by A. C. Manning)

ACT I   -   The Hotel Elektra in the Riviera.

  • No. 1 - Opening Chorus - "On the verdant Riviera, beautiful beyond compare, Art and Nature blended, city life and country air..."
  • No. 2 - Song and Dance - Antschi and Men - "Antschi's my name, flirting's my game, and men of ev'ry land I love to tease..."
  • No. 3 - Duet - Jenny and Paul - "People have said of you, she is too odd, do you think she has got good sense? ... And all because I have done as I wished..."
  • No. 4 - Nella's Entrance - "Our congratulations, fair Baroness! ... All thanks for your kindly expression ... Popular indeed, your well-earned success! ..."
  • No. 5 - Chorus - "Ta, ta, Little Girl" - "Ladies, howdy how do you howdy do! ... Cuckoo! ... You seem to think I merely said cock-a-doodle do! ..."
  •   (3 verses)
  • No. 6 - Song - Kathi - "If you marries an ingrammatical man what's got no errydition, to learn him to talk on a genteel plan is a tough old preposition! ..."
  •   (3 verses)
  • No. 7 - Duet - Nella and Guido - "To the only one I love, sir, that's the dedication here! ... You're a very clever lady, that's just the way the words appear..."
  • No. 8 - Finale Act I - "Oh grand Riviera!  Thou verdant Riviera!  Praise halts behind thee, no pæan could suffice..."

ACT II   -   The Villa Wildenberg.

No. 2 was composed by Leslie Stuart, No. 3 was written and composed by Mellor Lawrance and Harry Gifford,
Nos. 5, 12, 13, 15 & 16 were composed by Jerome Kern, No. 6 was composed by Louis A. Hirsch and
Nos. 7, 11 & 14 were composed by C. M. Ziehrer.

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