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The Little Café is a musical comedy with book and lyrics by C. M. S. McLellan and music by Ivan Caryll. It was produced at the New Amsterdam Theatre, New York, on 10 November 1913.

Cast of Characters

VEAUCHENU   (an old Café Lounger) Mr. Jos. Monehan
CELESTE   (Cashier in The Little Café) Miss Marjorie Gateson
PHILIBERT   (Proprietor of The Little Café) Mr. Harold Vizard
GASTON   (an Artist) Mr. H. P. Woodley
YVONNE   (Philibert's daughter) Miss Alma Francis
ALBERT LORIFLAN   (Waiter in The Little Café) Mr. John E. Young
KATZIOLINKA   (a Hungarian singer) Miss Grace Leigh
    (Six Belles of Hungary) {
Miss Eleanor St. Clair
Miss Ethel Davies
Miss Trixie Whiteford
Miss Lillian Rice
Miss Alys Belga
Miss Lorayne Leslie
ISABEL   (a Midinette) Miss Charlotte Carter
BIGREDON   (a Promoter) Mr. Tom Graves
POSTMAN Mr. Chas. Morris
ADOLPHE   (Glass Washer in The Little Café) Mr. Harry Depp
ANATOL Mr. Albert Stuart
MARCEL Mr. John H. Roberts
MAURICE Mr. Maurice Cass
DURAND   (a Detective) Mr. William Doyle
EDMOND   (a Young Man About Town) Mr. H. P. Woodley
GABY GAUFRETTE   (Queen of the Night Restaurants) Miss Hazel Dawn
LOULOU MILLEFLEURS   (her friend) Miss Marie Empress
LEONCE   (Head Waiter at the Restaurant Grand Gala) Mr. Eddie Morris
BARON TOMBOLA   (Major Domo of Prince Max) Mr. Fred Graham
COLONEL KLINK   (his Aide-de-camp) Mr. F. Stanton Heck
GODINARD   (a Notary) Mr. William Doyle
NINA Miss Marjorie Gateson
ZAZA Miss Charlotte Carter

MIDI Files

ACT I   -   The Little Café, Paris.

  • No. 1 - Opening Chorus - "The sun first shone on fair Yvonne in eighteen-ninety-five ... in eighteen-ninety-five, at just high noon, the ninth of June..."
  • No. 2 - Song - Yvonne and Chorus - "Oh! oh!  such gay bouquets!  what do they mean? ... That you today, dear friend, are seventeen..."
  • No. 3 - Song - Katziolinka and Chorus - "When first I saw Albert I merely scorned him! ... She scorned him! ... If he'd been mine I surely would have pawned him! ..."
  • No. 4 - Song - Albert and Chorus - "Tally-ho!  we're away, tra la! ... Ha, ha! ... Say little Adolphe and I ... Boom! Boom! ... To the little Café, ta, ta! ... Ha, ha! ..."
  • No. 5 - Finale Act I - "Perhaps you have talents to take you to heights of exceptional fame;  perhaps your ambition will make you a great and illustrious name..."

ACT II   -   The Restaurant Grand Gala, Paris.

ACT III   -   The Gardens of the Chateau Sans Souci, Marly.

  • No. 13 - Opening Chorus - "From the sky he falls like a shooting star, whoo-oo, see him come!  It's the Prince who flies in the winning car..."
  • No. 14 - Valse Song - Gaby and Chorus - "Why should I, whom you treat with disdain, love you still, though my love is but pain;  if to love you is torture and woe..."
  • No. 15 - Song - Albert and Chorus - "When I started as a youth, well, I didn't have a face like Apollo has ... and to tell the simple truth I was lacking in the grace..."
  • No. 16 - Finale Act III - "Oh! here comes the Count de Loriflan, his table is the first one over there.  Call all the waiters up, for the Count intends to sup..."

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