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His Honor the Mayor is described as "A Summertime Entertainment in Two Parts." The book and lyrics are by Charles J. Campbell and Ralph Skinner and the music by Julian Edwards and Alfred E. Aarons. It was produced at the New York Theatre, New York, on 28 May 1906.

Dramatis Personæ

HON. TEDDY TODD   (Mayor of Kankakee) Clarence Harvey
DAISY   (a milliner girl) Nella Webb
MAY FLOOD Madelyn Marshall
T. CHESTERFIELD PREBBLE (an Anglicized native of Kankakee) Fletcher Norton
"JACK" THAYER   (his chum) Arthur Earnest
DEACON FLOOD   (May's father) Harry Kelly
"REDDY" SAMPSON   (a cowboy) William Black
MRS. VAYNE   (a young widow) Lois Tabor
MARJORIE VAYNE   (her stepdaughter) Lora Lieb
SOLOMON SYPHONSTEIN   (a Parisian marriage broker) E. E. Van Rensselaer
CAPTAIN RUDOLPH ZITSKY   (of the Royal Hungarian Hussars) John H. Pratt
DAUBER BRUSH   (an art student) Hal Pearson
LIEUT. SCHNIPP   (of the Royal Hungarian Hussars) Catherine Tanner
R. LA CARTE   (Manager at La Carte's Hotel) James Murray
JOZEF   (waiter at La Carte's Hotel) E. R. Edwards
KATRINKA Blanche Ring

MIDI Files

ACT I   -   Courtyard of Hotel La Carte, Paris.

ACT II   -   The Isle of Margitsziget, on the Danube River between Buda and Pesth, Hungary.

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