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The Mayor of Tokio is described as "A Farcical Japanese Opera." The book and lyrics are by Richard Carle with additional contributions from Arthur Burrows, Robert L. Beecher, Arthur Gillespie and M. E. Rourke. The music was composed by William Frederick Peters. It was first performed at the New York Theatre, New York, on 4 December 1905.

Dramatis Personæ

KOW TOW   (the Mayor of Tokio) Edward Garvie
GENERAL SATAKE   (a Conspirator) Addison Maderia
IVAN ORFULITCH   (a Russian Spy) Charles W. Meyers
TANAKE   (Court Physician) Jess Caine
NIKKO   (the Royal Messenger) Edwin Baker
AWAKI   (a Body Guard) William H. Platt
BETSY LINCOLN   (an American Heiress) May Boley
OLOTO SAN   (Daughter of Kow Tow) Hortense Mazurette
(Friends of Oloto) {
Adele Rowland
Kathryn Bunn
Ethel Lloyd
Eleanor Burton
Madge Vincent


BIRDIE TALCUM   (the Soubrette) Minerva Courtney
MADAME STITCH   (the Wardrobe Mistress) Emma Janvier
JULIAN LINCOLN   (the Tenor) Edmund Stanley
RUSTY   (the Sing Song Boy) William Rock
MARCUS ORLANDO KIDDER   (Impressario) Richard Carle

MIDI Files

ACT I   -   A Public Garden in Tokio.

ACT II   -   Outside Sing Song, a Japanese Jail near Tokio Harbor.

The lyrics for No. 4 are by Arthur Burrows, those for No. 9 by Robert L. Beecher,
those for Nos. 10, 15 and 16 by Arthur Gillespie, and those for No. 14 were by M. E. Rourke.

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