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The Mocking Bird is a musical comedy with libretto by Sydney Rosenfeld and music by Alfred Baldwin Sloane. It was first produced by Messrs. Sire at the Bijou Theatre, New York, on November 10th. 1902.

Dramatis Personæ

GENERAL AUBREY   (Governor of Louisiana) Mr. Roland Carter
EUGENE DE LORME   (the Governor's Secretary) Mr. Sydney Deane
MAXIME GRANDPRÉ   (a Wealthy Citizen of New Orleans) Mr. Robt. Rogers
YVETTE MILLET   (his Ward) Miss Mabelle Gilman
MANON DE LANGE   (an Immigrant) Miss Violet Holls
JEAN LE FARGE (a Gentlemanly Pirate, traveling as Jacques Villiers) Mr. Frank Doane
BOB FINCHLEY   (a Virginian) Mr. Edgar Atchison-Ely
CAPTAIN BELOIT   (a French Soldier) Mr. Claude Boyer
DON AURELIO DE MENDEZ   (a Spanish Envoy) Mr. Walter C. Shannon
THE COUNTESS BELLAIRE   (her Niece) Miss Maud Alice Kelly
DUC DE LA VOLTA Miss Ivy Moore
ESTELLE FAVOR Miss Edythe Truran
PIERRE   (a Negro Butler) Mr. Jno. F. Parry
JAVOTTE   (the Governor's Housekeeper) Miss Stella Adams
CHLOE   (a Slave) Miss Sarah Osgood

MIDI Files

ACT I   -   The Place d'Armes, New Orleans.

ACT II   -   The Salon of the Marquise de Villebois (a few days later).

ACT III   -   The Garden of the Marquise (the same evening).

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