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Moonshine is a musical comedy composed by Silvio Hein with lyrics by Edwin Milton Royle and George V. Hobart. It opened at the Liberty Theatre, New York, on 20 October 1905.

Dramatis Personæ

LORD DUMGARVEN   (of the Home Office) Mr. Roy Atwell
HON. LIONEL LONGACRE   (in the Diplomatic Service) Mr. Dick Temple
LADY GWENETH   (his sister) Miss Frances Gordon
EARL OF BROADLAWNS   (his father) Mr. J. Ward Kett
COUNTESS OF BROADLAWNS   (late of the "Belle of New York") Miss Leona Anderson
MOLLY "MOONSHINE"   (formerly of the U.S. Secret Service) Miss Marie Cahill
SADIE SHORT   (her secretary) Miss Sadie Harris
"PLUNGER" DAWSON   Mr. William Ingersoll
  (late of Sheepshead Bay, posing as a mystic)
LOLA CHARMION Miss Clara Palmer
TERENCE O'FOGG Mr. H. R. Roberts
GENERAL MOROFF   (Russian Ambassador) Mr. H. Guy Woodward
BARON HOSAKI   (Japanese Minister) Mr. Frederic Paulding

MIDI Files

ACT I   -   Heather Banks, near Henley-on-Thames, during Lord Dumgarven's
houseboat party.

ACT II   -   An evening in the Rose Pergola at Lord Dumgarven's country place,
The Terraces.

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