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The Only Girl is a musical comedy in three acts with book and lyrics by Henry Blossom and music by Victor Herbert. It opened at the 39th Street Theatre, New York, on 2 November 1914 and transferred to the Lyric Theatre two weeks later.

Dramatis Personæ

ALAN KIMBROUGH   ("Kim" - a librettist) Thurston Hall
SYLVESTER MARTIN   ("Corksey" - a broker) Richard Bartlett
JOHN AYRE   ("Fresh" - a lawyer) Jed Prouty
ANDREW McMURRAY   ("Bunkie" - a painter) Ernest Torrence
RUTH WILSON   (a composer) Wilda Bennett
SAUNDERS   (Kimbrough's Valet) John Findlay
BIRDIE MARTIN   (Corksey's wife) Louise Kelly
MARGARET AYRE   (Fresh's wife) Josephine Whittell
JANE McMURRAY   (Bunkie's wife) Vivian Wessell
PATRICE LA MONTROSE   ("Patsy" - a soubrette) Adele Rowland
(Friends of Patsy) {
Estelle Richmond
Marjorie Oviatt
Jane Hilbert
Claire Standish
Gladys Schultz
Jeanne Darys

MIDI Files

ACT I   -   The Living Room in Kimbrough's Apartment, New York.

ACT II   -   The Same, six weeks later.

ACT III   -   The Dining Room, same evening.

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