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The Patriot is a tragic opera in one act with book and lyrics by Stanislaus Stange and music by Julian Edwards set during the American Civil War first produced at the Fifth Avenue Theatre, New York, on 23 November 1908.


"The Patriot" Proves Successful at Keith & Proctor Theatre.

Stanislaus Stange, librettist, and Julian Edwards, as composer, successfully launched grand opera with an American background at Keith & Proctor's Fifth Avenue Theatre last night.

Albert Sutherland presented the piece, which was in one act, and entitled "The Patriot." A tragic incident of the American Revolution, in which George Washington is the principal figure, is the theme of the opera, and the scene is a Tory farmhouse near Valley Forge. A sudden storm forces the commander of the American troops to take shelter in the house where lives Manheim, a Tory farmer, and his daughter Marion. A British spy and several other Tories are in the house, who throw dice to see which one of them shall kill Washington after he retires. The choice falls upon Manheim, but Washington is saved by the farmer's daughter, who exchanges rooms with him and receives the knife thrust meant for the Father of His Country.

Huntington May gave a creditable impersonation of Washington, while Antionette Le Brun sang the part of Marion with feeling. James Stevens took eht part of Manheim. Others in the cast are Fritz N. Huttmann, Fred Hanley, and A. H. Swan. Lloyd Moore conducted.

[New York Times, 24 November 1908]

Dramatis Personæ

MANHEIM A Tory farmer
MARIAN His daughter

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