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The Rainbow Girl is a musical comedy in three acts with book and lyrics by Rennold Wolf and music by Louis A. Hirsch which was produced by Klaw and Erlanger at the New Amsterdam Theatre, New York, on 1 April 1918 and transferred to the Gaiety Theatre, New York, on 17 June 1918.

Dramatis Personæ

DAISY MEADE   (a soubrette) Laura Hamilton
FRANK SCUDDER   (a stage manager) William Clifton
BUCK EVANS   (a comedian) Billy B. Van
GUS NORTON   (a New York theatrical manager) Robert G. Pitkin
(The Four Pippins) {
Polly Bowman
Ethel Delmar
Dorothy St. Clair
Edna Stillwell
ROBERT VERNON DUDLEY   (Lord Wetherell) Harry Benham
MOLLIE MURDOCK   (of "The Rainbow Girl") Beth Lydy
GIRL IN BLUE Florence Delmar
CLERGYMAN Frederick Solomon
MARTIN BENNET   (a butler) Sydney Greenstreet
SUSANNAH BENNET   (a housekeeper) Claire Greenville
HONORIA BENNET   (a lady's maid) Kathleen Lindley
ERNEST BENNET   (a footman) Harry Delf
JANE BENNET   (a house maid) Lenora Novasio
MATILDA BENNET   (a kitchen maid) Jane Callan
MARY ANNE BENNET   (a scullery maid) Marion Sitgreaves
SIMEON BENNET   (a gardener) Jesse Willingham
CHARLES BENNET   (a cook) Charles Fulton
ANASTASIA BENNET   (a laundry maid) Julie Eastman
JAMES BENNET   (a coachman) Charles Hall
JOHN BENNET   (a flunkey) Carlisle Blackton
MISS DUDLEY, the elder
MISS DUDLEY, the younger
  (Spinsters) {
Jane Burby
Margaret Merriman
MISS TERRIS Miriam Medie
MISS GWENDOLIN Marguerite St. Clair

MIDI Files

ACT I   -   Scene 1   -   The Green Room of the Frivolity Theatre, London.

ACT I   -   Scene 2   -   Boudoir in Wetherell Hall, near Manchester, England -
one week later.

ACT II   -   Drawing-room in Wetherell Hall - the following afternoon.

ACT III   -   Modern sun parlor and breakfast room in Wetherell Hall -
the following morning.

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