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Another of our series of Web Operas, containing all of the music and dialogue for this opera. This is a great way to become familiar with this very rare one act opera.

Our special thanks to Quade Winter for sequencing the MIDI files for this Web Opera, and to David Stone for providing the vocal score.

»Opening Dialogue [START HERE]
No. 1.  My Little Saucer
[17K, 2 min. 8 seconds] Sung by Mrs. Worcester.
No. 2.  Foo Choo Chan
[20K, 2 min. 5 seconds] Sung by General Deelah and Mrs. Worcester
No. 3.  The "Farewell Song"
[6K, 1 min. 30 seconds] Sung by General Deelah
No. 4.  We'll Give Up Old China
[10K, 1 min. 6 seconds] Duet.

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