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Produced at the Savoy from 10th August 1896 to 17th February 1897 with The Mikado, and from 2nd March to 24th April 1897 with His Majesty, a total of 209 performances. Nicoll gives 15th August 1896 as the date of the first performance, which seems to be an error 2.

Libretto in British Library at 906.i.9(10)Vocal score published by J. Williams, copy in British Library at F.689.c.(5) [1896].


SHE Emmie Owen/Beatrice Perry
HE Scott Russell

Emmie Owen left the cast one week after opening, and was replaced by Beatrice Perry. Jessie Rose played the role for one performance on 31st October 1896.

This is a pretty little trifle about the two figures who come in and out of a weather house according to whether it is wet or dry, and so never manage to meet. There are five musical numbers, three duets and a solo for each.

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