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Eyes and No Eyes

MIDI and MIDI Karaoke Files

This music was composed by Florian Pascal, who composed a new score for Eyes and No Eyes after the original music by German Reed was lost. These MIDI files were sequenced by Colin Johnson.

MIDI Karaoke files also include the lyrics, which are highlighted on the screen so that you can sing along with the music — but you will need to download a sutable player such as van Basco's Karaoke player.

  • No. 4, Well, Here's a Very Pretty State of Things, sung by Clochette, Columbine, Pierrot and Arlequin  [MIDI File]  [MIDI Karaoke File]
  • No. 6, Now, Columbine, Magic Cloke Produce, sung by Cassandra, Nicolette, Columbine, and Clochette  [MIDI File]  [MIDI Karaoke File]

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