Gilbert and Sullivan Archive

Arthur Sullivan Songs

Published by Stainer and Bell

Book One

Song Title Words By
The Lost Chord Adelaide Ann Procter
Orpheus with his Lute William Shakespeare
(Henry VIII)
The Willow Song William Shakespeare
Where the Bee Sucks William Shakespeare
(The Tempest)
Let me Dream Again B. C. Stephenson
O Fair Dove! O Fair Dove! Jean Ingelow

Book Two

Song Title Words By
Arabian Love Song Percy Bysshe Shelley
Sweethearts W. S. Gilbert
Tears, Idle Tears Alfred Tennyson
If Doughty Deeds Graham of Gartmore
Sometimes Lady Lindsay

Book Three

Song Title Words By
Sigh No More, Ladies William Shakespeare
(Much Ado About Nothing)
County Guy Sir Walter Scott
Mary Morison Robert Burns
Edward Gray Alfred, Lord Tennyson
The Distant Shore W. S. Gilbert

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