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No. 18: Duet (Bunthorne & Grosvenor)

"When I go out of door"

Midi Symbol MIDI File [13 KB, 1' 31 "]


When I go out of door,
Of damozels a score
(All sighing and burning,
And clinging and yearning)
Will follow me as before.

I shall, with cultured taste,
Distinguish gems from paste,
And "High diddle diddle"
Will rank as an idyll,
If I pronounce it chaste!

A most intense young man,
A soulful-eyed young man,
An ultra-poetical, super-aesthetical,
Out-of-the-way young man!


Conceive me, if you can,
An ev'ryday young man:
A commonplace type,
With a stick and a pipe,
And a half-bred black-and-tan;

Who thinks suburban "hops"
More fun than "Monday Pops,"
Who's fond of his dinner,
And doesn't get thinner
On bottled beer and chops.

A commonplace young man,
A matter-of-fact young man,
A steady and stolid-y, jolly Bank-holiday,
Every-day young man!

A Japanese young man,
A blue-and-white young man,
Francesca di Rimini, miminy, piminy,
Je-ne-sais-quoi young man!

A Chancery lane young man,
A Somerset House young man,
A very delectable, highly respectable,
Threepenny-bus young man!

A pallid and thin young man,
A haggard and lank young man,
A greenery-yallery, Grosvenor Gallery,
Foot-in-the-grave young man!

A Sewell and Cross young man,
A Howell and James young man,
A pushing young particle — "What's the next article?" —
Waterloo House young man!

Bunthorne. Grosvenor.
Conceive me, if you can,
A crotchety, cracked young man,
An ultra-poetical, super-aesthetical,
Out-of-the way young man!
Conceive me, if you can,
A matter-of-fact young man,
An alphabetical, arithmetical,
Every day young man!

At the end, Grosvenor dances off. Bunthorne remains.

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