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34 13 The letter “J” in “Sir Joseph” is printed in lowercase.
55 42 The male chorus line at the second beat should read A, A, G, G; not A, A, F, F.
77 63 There is a half-note rest written for the Bass line of the chorus, which should match that of measure 61.
84 2 The letter “o” in “overbearing” is printed as the number “0”.
87 34-41 The lyrics should read thus for the male chorus, as they do for Boatswain and Carpenter:

Shall we submit? Are we but slaves?
    Love comes alike to high and low —
Britannia’s sailors rule the waves,
  And shall we stoop to insult? No! No!

Similarly page 89, bars 49 to 56.
131 45-48 Captain’s line is incorrectly written in the tenor clef, that is, beginning with middle C and ending in low F. It is correctly written in the bass clef in bars 94 to 97.
166 3 No. 18a: The stage direction “all start” is missing its opening parentheses.
193 40 “Bitter” is misspelled “biter”.

Submitted to the Archive by Guilherme Gama

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