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From The Graphic, December 20, 1879.


A curious, and it might be thought a very hazardous, experiment has been attempted at the OPERA COMIQUE. This is nothing more or less than the withdrawal — at least in the case of the morning performances of the entire company of full-grown performers who have for so long a time been acting here in Messrs. Gilbert and Sullivan's H.M.S. Pinafore, and the substitution of children actors and actresses, in their parts. Perhaps the strangest feature of The Children's Pinafore is its complete success. Anything more charming than the acting, dancing, singing, and posturing of these Liliputian folk has not been seen on our stage for a long time. The performance, though full of fun – partly involuntary, for it is impossible for a Little Buttercup of nine years old to relate her past misdeeds in the way of baby farming, without giving a droll impression of incongruity of ideas – but also in great degree from the hearty sympathy with which one and all enter into the business of this comic, satirical, musical burlesque.

The names in a performance destined to be long-remembered should be recorded. They are Sir Joseph Porter, Master E. Pickering; Captain Corcoran, Master H. Grattan Ralph Rackstraw, Master H. Eversfield; Dick Deadeye, Master W. Phillips; Bill Bobstay, Master E. Walsh; Bob Becket, Master C. Becker; Tom Tucker (the "Midshipmite"), Master A. Fitzclarence; Josephine, Miss Emilie Grattan; Hebe, Miss Louisa Gilbert; and Little Buttercup, Miss Effie Mason; besides whom there are a large number of performers equally juvenile though less distinguished.

The representation is worthy of a more careful study and a more detailed criticism than we are unfortunately able to bestow upon it; but we are justified in taking for granted that everybody will go to see the Children's Pinafore at the Opera Comique, where it will be represented, according to public announcements, at frequent morning performances. throughout the holidays.

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