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The “majority” of The Sorcerer has been followed at no very long interval by that of H.M.S. Pinafore, first produced on May 25, 1878, revived in 1887, and brought out again last night before a large and most enthusiastic audience.

As the only member of the original cast, Mr. Richard Temple, who reappears as Dick Deadeye, deserves mention in the first place; his performance of this part has that finish which was formerly the distinguishing mark of the whole Savoy company. Of the famous artists who bore so great a share in making the fortunes of the house, though not belonging to the original cast, the only one remaining is Miss Rosina Brandram, whose Buttercup is full of unctuous humour, and who is one of the best exponents of that excellent method which Mr. Gilbert instituted, while her singing is always in the highest degree artistic.

Of the new impersonations the best is Mr. Walter Passmore’s Sir Joseph Porter, which comes nearer to Mr. Grossmith’s ideal than anything he has yet done, Mr. H. A. Lytton is rather a colourless Captain Corcoran, but Mr. Robert Evett as Ralph and Mr. W. H. Leon as Bill were entirely satisfactory. Miss Ruth Vincent is a charming Josephine, and Miss Emmie Owen a vivacious Hebe.

A multitude of popular numbers were encored, and the delightful operetta is certain to hold the boards for some time to come. Sir Arthur Sullivan conducted, and at the close appeared before the curtain with Mr. Gilbert; Mr. Carte was also able to respond to the call.

The ever-green Trial by Jury, not the least witty of the series, makes a brilliant close to the evening’s programme. Mr. Passmore’s usher is a capital piece of fooling, and Mr. Lytton is successful as the Judge.

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