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From Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser (Dublin, Ireland), Tuesday, November 15, 1881;

The mere announcement that "Pinafore" is performed is enough to crowd the Gaiety. It is difficult to say whether the delightful little opera was more delightful in the first gloss of novelty than now when its every song and jest is grown familiar as a household word. It has made the subject of a hundred cartoons and the reputation of a thousand pictures, and it is [as] fresh and vivid today as when it first took the theatre-going public by storm.

There is no need to enter into any more detailed notice of the opera than to say that last evening it was admirably performed. The principal roles were most efficiently filled. Miss Marion Grahame, as Josephine, sang the charming songs incidental to the character with a sweet, pure, and well cultivated voice, and acted the part with exquisite taste and spirit. Mr. Leumane has a very pleasing tenor voice, and as Ralph Rackstraw he not merely sang well, but acted with an intelligence and point, and was a very great improvement on the handsome figurehead to which we are ordinarily accustomed in the part. The quaint humour of the Admiral lost nothing of its relish in the rendering of Mr. John Le Hay.

Altogether the performance was a complete success, and a large audience, by their hearty applause, testified their appreciation of its excellence. "Pinafore" will be performed every evening during the week.

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