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Dialogue following No. 16

Captain. Sir Joseph, I cannot express to you my delight at the happy result of your eloquence. Your argument was unanswerable.

Sir Joseph.
Captain Corcoran, it is one of the happiest characteristics of this glorious country that official utterances are invariably regarded as unanswerable.

Exit Sir Joseph.

Captain. At last my fond hopes are to be crowned. My only daughter is to be the bride of a Cabinet Minister. The prospect is Elysian. (During this speech Dick Deadeye has entered.)

Dick. Captain.

Captain. Deadeye! You here? Don't! (Recoiling from him.)

Dick. Ah, don't shrink from me, Captain. I'm unpleasant to look at, and my name's agin me, but I ain't as bad as I seem.

Captain. What would you with me?

Dick. (mysteriously) I'm come to give you warning.

Captain. Indeed! do you propose to leave the Navy then?

Dick. No, no, you misunderstand me; listen!

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