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PRINCESS LUCILLA CHLORIS (Florence Perry) FERDINAND THE FIFTH (King of Vingolia) (George Grossmith) and FELICE (Ilka Palmay.)
Described as "an original English comic opera in two acts", His Majesty was produced at the Savoy Theatre on 20 February 1897. It ran for a total of only 61 performances, closing on 24 April that year.

Carte "specially engaged" George Grossmith for the part of the King of Vignolia, but his reappearance on the Savoy stage after an absence of nearly ten years was not a success and he withdrew after only three performances.

King Ferdinand, while disguised as a court artist, has fallen in love with the peasant maid Felice, despite the fact that his late father decreed that he marry Lucilla Chloris, the daughter of the king of Osturia. Chloris has arrived for the wedding, but she is in love with Prince Max of Baluria. Things are complicated by the antics of Boodel, the King's former master of the revels. He keeps overhearing the tail-ends of conversations and concludes that a plot to assassinate Ferdinand is afoot. Most suspicious to him is a trunk carried by Felice.

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