Gilbert and Sullivan Archive

Jane Annie
The Good Conduct Prize

written by J.M. Barrie and Arthur Conan Doyle.
music by Ernest Ford .

MIDI Files

No. 1, Good Night! Good Night!
5 min. 58 seconds, Sung by Chorus of Girls

No. 2, I'm Not a Sneak for Praise or Pelf
2 min. 27 seconds, Sung by Jane Annie and Chorus of Girls

No. 3, Bright-eyed Bab I Used To Be
2 min. 53 seconds, Sung by Bab and Chorus

No. 4, There Was a Time When We Were Not
3 min. 18 seconds, Sung by Proctor

No. 5, Approach Her Thus
2 min. 6 seconds, Sung by Miss Sims, Proctor, Sim, and Greg

No. 6, When a Bulldog I Became
3 min. 12 seconds, Sung by Sim and Greg

No. 7, It was the Time of Thistledown
1 min. 28 seconds, Sung by Tom

No. 8, What are the Gifts that Love May Bring?
2 min. 5 seconds, Sung by Bab, Tom, and Proctor

No. 9, Little Maiden, Pause and Ponder
51 seconds, Sung by Girls

No. 10, Madam, Do Not Think Us Rude
Act I Finale

No. 11, A Page-boy Am I
3 min. 10 seconds, Sung by Bab and Caddie

No. 12, To Golf is Staid for Bashful Maid
2 min. 21 seconds, Sung by Chorus of Girls

No. 13, A Girl Again I Seem To Be
2 min. 33 seconds, Sung by Miss Sims

No. 14, Where the Willows Shade the River
1 min. 22 seconds, Sung by Chorus of Students

No. 15, When I Was A
2 min 3 seconds, Sung by Sim and Greg

No. 16, We are Conscious That We Slightly Condescend
2 min. 44 seconds, Sung by Jack with Military Chorus

No. 17, You and I, Dear Jack, Will Show
2 min. 48 seconds, Sung by Jane Annie, Jack, and Chrous

No. 18,     
2 min. 19 seconds

No. 19, Last Night When We Were Forced to Part
2 min. 28 seconds, Sung by Bab and Tom

No. 20, I'm a Man of Erudition
2 minutes, Sung by Bab and Proctor

No. 21, You're Now a Sentimental Maid
3 min. 23 seconds, Hypnotic Scene

No. 22, The Moral of This Story Is
49 seconds, Sung by All

MIDI Files sequenced by Clifton Coles.

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