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G&S Archive   The Nautch Girl

written by George Dance.
lyrics by George Dance and Frank Desprez.
music by Edward Solomon.

June 30, 1891 - January 16, 1892 (200 performances).

Rutland Barrington as the Rajah
The life of Punka, the Rajah of Chutneypore, is plagued by many problems, including Indru, his love-sick son, who is in love with the nautch dancer Hollee Beebee; Punka's sponging relatives, especially the scheming Pyjama; and an idol named Bumbo, who comes to life in the opera's second act in search of the diamond that serves as his right eye. Indru and Beebee are of different castes, and therefore unable to marry. Indru renounces his caste just as Beebee is raised to the status of a Brahmin, thus reversing the situation. Beebee escapes to Europe, leaving Indru and Punka to face the wrath of Bumbo and the machinations of Pyjama.

W. H. Denny as Bumbo
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