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MIDI Files

Sequenced By Clifton Coles
Louise Rowe as Cynthia, a lady teacher.

We have the full set of Vicar of Bray MIDI files sequenced by Clifton Coles available in a ZIP file. Also included is a Word file with the full lyrics.

2 min. 50 seconds

No. 3, Oh, Why is My Love So Cold to Me?
1 min. 23 seconds, sung by Winifred and Teachers

No. 5, When I Was a Sunday School Teacher
2 min. 42 seconds, sung by Sandford and Students

No. 7, Your Sandford and Merton You've Read, I Suppose
2 min. 33 seconds, sung by Vicar, Students, Teachers and Children

No. 12, Tell Me, and Oh Tell Me True, Love
2 min. 9 seconds, sung by Winifred and Sandford

No. 13, Jolly, Jolly Huntsmen We
2 min. 1 second, sung by Tommy and Huntsmen

No. 21, You Ask Me Why
2 min. 20 seconds, sung by Mrs. Merton, Tommmy, and Huntsmen

No. 23, Propriety, Prisms, and Prunes
1 min. 40 seconds, sung by Winifred and Sandford

No. 25, Dance — Pas de Cinq
2 min. 43 seconds

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