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The MIDI files [150K] and Karaoke files [170K] can be downloaded as two Zip files.

Act I
No. 1 Chorus "Ring forth, ye bells"
No. 2 Recitative (Mrs. Partlet & Constance) & Aria (Constance) "Constance, my daughter...When he is here"
No. 3 Recit. & Ballad (Dr. Daly) "The air is charged with amatory numbers...
Time was when Love and I were well acquainted"
No. 4 Recit. & Minuet
(Sir Marmaduke, Dr. Daly & Alexis)
"Sir Marmaduke, my dear young friend Alexis"
No. 5 Chorus "With heart and with voice"
No. 6 Recit. & Aria (Aline) "My kindly friends, I thank you for this greeting...
Oh, happy young heart..."
7 & 8
Recitative (Lady Sangazure)
"My child, I join in these congratulations...
With heart and with voice"
No. 9 Duet (Lady Sangazure & Sir Marmaduke) "Welcome joy, adieu to sadness..."
No. 10 Ensemble "All is prepared for sealing and for signing"
No. 11 Ballad (Alexis) "Love feeds on many kinds of food, I know"
No. 12 Song (Mr. Wells) "My name is John Wellington Wells"
No. 13 Incantation (Aline, Alexis, Mr. Wells) "Sprites of earth and air"
No. 14 Finale Act I (1884 Revised Version) "Now to the banquet we press"
No. 14 Finale Act I (1877 Original Version) "Now to the banquet we press"
Act II
No. 15 Trio (Aline, Alexis, Mr. Wells) & Chorus (1884) "'Tis twelve, I think"
No. 15 Chorus (1877) "Happy are we in our loving frivolity"
No. 16 Ensemble (Constance, Notary, Aline, Alexis & Chorus) (1877 & 1884) "Dear friends, take pity on my lot"
No. 17 Ballad (Alexis) "Thou has the power" ("It is not love")
No.18 Quintette (Aline, Mrs. Partlet, Alexis, Dr, Daly, Sir Marmaduke) "I rejoice that its decided"
No. 19 Recit. & Duet (Lady Sangazure & Mr. Wells) "Oh, I have wrought much evil with my spells"
No. 20 Recit. & Air (Aline) "Alexis! doubt me not, my loved one!"
21, 22
& 23
Song (Dr. Daly)
Ensemble (Aline, Alexis, Dr. Daly & Chorus)
Recitative (Alexis)
"Oh my voice is sad and low...
Oh joyous boon!..
Prepare for sad surprises."
No. 24 Finale "Or I or he must die"

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