The Foresters

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The Play

Throughout the text of the play you will find links to the MIDI files of the incidental music. These are in a serif font thus:

No. 5 [4KB, 0' 54"].

In creating these files I have followed the indications of instrumentation found in the score. In addition, links to Sullivan's vocal numbers are supplied. These have piano accompaniment partly because there is no indication of the instrumentation in the score and partly to enable the vocal lines to be clearly heard.

MIDI File Overture [28KB, 4' 03"]

ACT I Scene 1

Song (Kate)
"The Warrior Earl"
Song (Marian)
"Love flew in at the Window"

ACT I Scene 2

Chorus (Drinking Song)
"Long Live Richard"
"To sleep! To sleep!"


Song (Scarlet & Chorus)
"There is no land like England"


Song (Scarlet and Chorus)
"By all the deer that spring"
Song (Kate)
"The bee buzzed up in the heat"
Scene (Titania, First Fairy & Chorus)
"Evil fairy do you hear"


Chorus and Dance
"Now the King is home again"

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