The Martyr of Antioch

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Scene I: The Front of the Temple of Apollo

No. 1.CHORUS: Lord of the Golden Day
No. 2. SOLO: (Callias) Break off the Hymn
ARIA: (Olybius): Come Margarita, Come
No. 3.DUET: (Olybius & Callias) Great Olybius
No. 4.CHORUS: Long Live the Christian Scourge

Scene II: The Burial Place of the Christians - Night

No. 5.FUNERAL ANTHEM: Brother, thou art gone before us
No. 6.SOLO: (Fabius) Brother, thou slumberest
No. 7.SOLO RECIT. & HYMN: (Margarita) Yet Once Again
No. 8.DUET: (Margarita & Callias)
My Own, My Loved, My Beauteous Child

Scene III: The Palace of the Prefect

No. 9.CHORUS: (Evening Song of the Maidens)
Come Away with Willing Feet
No. 10.RECIT. & AIR: (Olybius)
Sweet Margarita, Give Me Thy Hand
No. 11.DUET: (Margarita & Olybius) Oh Hear Me Olybius

Scene IV: The Temple of Apollo

No. 12.CHORUS: Now Glory to the God Who Breaks
No. 13.SOLO: (Julia) with Chorus Io Paean!
No. 14.SCENE: (Margarita, Julia, Olybius & Callias) with Chorus
Great is Olybius
No. 15.QUARTET: (Margarita, Julia, Olybius & Callias):
Have Mercy Unrelenting Heav'n
No. 16.FINALE: The Hour of Mercy's O'er

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