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Act I
SONG (Hassan)

"As we lie in languor lazy"
" I'm Abu-el-Hassan"
SONG (Abdallah) with CHORUS OF GIRLS "When Islam first arose"
SONG (Dancing Sunbeam) "O Life has put into my hand"
RECIT. and TRIO (Blush-of-Morning, Dancing Sunbeam and Abdallah) "Sunbeam! The Priest keeps saying...If a sudden stroke of Fate"
TRIO (Rose-in-Bloom, Scent-of-Lilies, and Heart's Desire) "If you ask me to advise you"
SONG (Rose-in-Bloom) "'Neath my lattice through the night"
"Tramps and scamps and halt and blind"
SONG (Hassan) with CHORUS "When my father sent me to Ispahan"
RECIT. (Yussuf) with CHORUS
SONG (Yussuf) with CHORUS
"Peace be upon this house"
"I care not if the cup I hold"
ENSEMBLE with DANCERS and CHORUS "Musical Maidens are we"
SONG (Abdallah with Hassan) and CHORUS "We have come to invade"
OCTET and DANCE "The Sultan's Executioner"
QUARTET (Sultan, Grand Vizier, Physician and Executioner) "I'm the Sultan's Vigilant Vizier"
(b) RECIT. and SOLO (Sultan) with CHORUS

(d) TRIO (Vizier, Physician and Executioner) and CHORUS

"O luckless hour"
"O ladies, what assails you?...You'll understand that now and then"
"With martial gait — with kettle-drums"
"Attended by these Palace Warders"

"Oh, fit the arrows of respect"

Act II

DUET (Heart's Desire and Yussuf) "Oh, What is Love?"
QUARTET (Scent-of-Lilies, Honey-of-Life, Heart's Desire, and Yussuf) "If You or I Should Tell the Truth"
CHORUS and SOLOS (Physician, Vizier and Executioner) "From Morning Prayer the Sultan"
SONG (Sultan) with CHORUS "Let a Satirist Enumerate a Catalogue"
SONG (Dancing Sunbeam with others) "In the Heart of my Heart's I've Always Known "
DUET (Rose-in-Bloom and Sultan) "Suppose — I say, Suppose"
CHORUS with SOLOS (Hassan, Physician, Vizier and Executioner) "Laughing Low, on Tip-Toe"
QUINTET (Scent-of-Lilies, Heart's Desire, Yussuf, Hassan and Executioner) and CHORUS "It's a Busy, Busy, Busy, Busy Day for Thee"
SONG (Yussuf) "Our Tale is Told"
RECIT. and MADRIGAL (Dancing Sunbeam, Blush-of-Morning, Yussuf and A Royal Guard) "What Does it Mean?...Joy and sorrow"
SEPTET (Scent-of-Lilies, Honey-of-Life, Heart's Desire, Dancing Sunbeam, Yussuf, Hassan and Abdallah) "It Has Reached Me A Lady"
SCENA (Tutti) "Hassan, the Sultan with his Court"
SONG (Hassan) with CHORUS "There Was Once a Small Street Arab"
FINALE "A bridal march"

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