Incidental Music to Shakespeare's The Tempest


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These MIDI files were sequenced from the piano duet vocal score which was published by Cramer, Beale & Wood in 1862 by Paul Howarth.

The full text of the play is given for those scenes where Sullivan provided incidental music.

The Vocal Score, in PDF format, can be downloaded.
[Part 1, 4.7MB] [Part 2, 3.9MB]


Introduction [45K, 4' 47"]
Act I Scene 2
Come Unto these Yellow Sands
Full Fathom Five thy Father Lies
Act II Scene 1
Act III Prelude [13K, 1' 49"]
Act III Scene 2
Act III Scene 3
Banquet Dance
Act IV Overture [46K 4' 44"]
Act IV Scene 1
Honour, Riches, Marriage Blessing
Dance of Nymphs and Reapers
Act V Prelude [27K 3' 28"]
Act V Scene 1
Where the Bee Sucks

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