Sullivan's Incidental Music to The Merry Wives of Windsor

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Words by A. C. Swinburne

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Love laid his sleepless head
On a thorny rosy bed,
And his eyes with tears were red,
And pale his lips as the dead.
And fear and sorrow and scorn
Kept watch by his bed forlorn,
Till the night was overworn,
And the world was merry, was merry with morn.

And joy came up with the day,
And kiss'd Love's lips as he lay,
And the watchers ghostly and grey
Fled from his pillow away.
And his eyes at the dawn grew bright
And his lips waxed ruddy as light.
Sorrow may reign for a night,
But day, but day shall bring back delight;
Sorrow may reign for a night,
But day shall bring back, bring back delight.

Slender courting Anne Page.
Slender and Anne Page

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