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All of The Music and Lyrics from This Opera

The Zoo was first performed on June 5, 1875, at St. James's Theatre, London. These MIDI files were sequenced by Paul Howarth. The MIDI files may also be downloaded in a single ZIP file.

The libretto illustrations are taken from productions by The Pennine Players (Buxton, 1998), Rosehill Musical Society (Buxton, 1999) and Off Monroe Players (1994 and 2001).

MIDI Karaoke Files — We also have a full set of MIDI Karaoke files of The Zoo. As The Zoo has no spoken dialgoue, by loading these files into the Playlist of a MIDI Karaoke player such as vanBasco's Karaoke Player you will be able to listen to the entire opera without interruption while following the lyrics on the screen.

Dramatis Personæ

Aesculapius Carboy
A chemist in love with Laetitia
Eliza Smith
A perfectly virtuous and highly principled young lady, in charge of the Refreshment Stall.
Thomas Brown
But really -- The Duke of Islington, a nobleman disguised, in search of virtue, which he finds in Eliza.
Loved by Carboy.
Mr. Grinder
Laetitia's father, a retired grocer.
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Great British Public.


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[=] No. 1, "The British Public"
(Opening Chorus)
[23K, 2 min. 40 seconds]
[=] No. 2, "I Loved Her Fondly"
[19K, 2 min. 10 seconds]
[=] No. 3, "And Now Let's Go Back... Ah Maiden Fair"
[20K, 3 min. 2 seconds]
[=] No. 4, "Laetitia's Song"
[23K, 2 min. 28 seconds]
[=] No. 4b, "Where Is He?"
[6K, 51 seconds]
[=] No. 5, "Once More The Face"
[23K, 2 min. 7 seconds]
[=] No. 6, "Help! Ah Help!"
[30K, 3 min. 4 seconds]
[=] No. 7, "Ho Guards! Minions!"
[16K, 1 min. 53 seconds]
[=] Nos. 8 & 9, "Ladies and Gentlemen...We Gather From What You Have Said"
[25K, 3 min. 16 seconds]
[=] No. 10, "Where Is My Daughter?"
[12K, 1 min. 52 seconds]
[=] No. 11, "I'm A Simple Little Child"
[19K, 2 min. 37 seconds]
[=] No. 12, "My Father!"
[44K, 3 min. 35 seconds]
[=] No. 13, "What Do I See In This Disguise?" (Finale)
[40K, 5 min. 26 seconds]


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