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These MIDI files are songs from the Gilbert and Sullivan opera Thespis, which was first produced at the Gaiety Theatre, London, on December 26, 1871. Most of the music from this opera has been lost. However, Climbing Over Rocky Mountain was preserved by being re-used in The Pirates of Penzance, and Little Maid of Arcadee was preserved by being published separately as a "single" song.

The music for all songs except numbers 5 and 9 was composed by Colin Johnson, and except where otherwise noted he also prepared the MIDI and MIDI Karaoke files. Click on the name of the piece to play the MIDI file. Colin has also give us full orchestra MIDI files for four of the songs.

If you have a MIDI Karaoke player such as the free Vanbasco player installed on your PC, you can click on the MIDI Karaoke link and you will be able to watch the lyrics on the screen as you listen to the music.

You can also download the full sets of MIDI files in ZIP files:


Overture  [4 min. 14 seconds]

Act I

1.  "Throughout the Night"    [MIDI Karaoke]
[5 min. and 16 seconds] Sung by Women's Chorus and Soprano Solo
2.  "Oh, I'm the Celestial Drudge"    [Full Orchestra MIDI]    [MIDI Karaoke]
[2 min. and 20 seconds] Sung by Mercury, Diana and Apollo
3.  "Oh Incident Unprecedented"    [Full Orchestra MIDI]    [MIDI Karaoke]
[4 min. 4 seconds] Sung by The Gods
4.  "Here Far Away"    [Full Orchestra MIDI]    [MIDI Karaoke]
[2 min 48 seconds] Sung by Niceties and Sparkeion
5.  "Climbing Over Rocky Mountain"
[3 min. 28 seconds] Sung by Chorus with Solos.
6.  "I Once Knew a Chap"    [MIDI Karaoke]
[4 min. 29 seconds] Sung by Thespis and Chorus
7.  Finale Act 1    [MIDI Karaoke]
[7 min. 14 seconds] Sung by All

Act II

8.  "Of All Symposia"    [MIDI Karaoke]
[2 min. 39 seconds] Sung by Sillimon and Chorus
9.   "Little Maid of Arcadee"
[2 min. 22 seconds] Sung by Sparkeion.
10.  "Olympus is Now in a Terrible Muddle"    [Full Orchestra MIDI]   [MIDI Karaoke]
[2 min 29 seconds] Sung by Mercury
11.  You're Diana, I'm Apollo"    [MIDI Karaoke]
[4 min. 11 seconds] Sung by Sparkeion, Daphne, Nicemis, and Thespis
12.  Finale    [MIDI Karaoke]
[5 min. 14 seconds] Sung by All

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