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No. 1 SOLO and CHORUS "Hark, the hour of ten is sounding."
No. 1a   "Is this the Court of the Exchequer?"
No. 2 SONG and CHORUS "When first my old, old love I knew."
No. 3 CHORUS and SOLO "All hail great Judge!"
No. 4 THE JUDGE'S SONG "When I, good friends, was called to the bar."
No. 5 RECIT. — COUNSEL "Swear thou the Jury!"
No. 6 CHORUS OF BRIDESMAIDS "Where is the plaintiff?"
No. 7   "Oh, never, never, never, since I joined the human race."
No. 8   "May it please you, my lud!"
No. 9   "That she is reeling."
No. 10 SONG — DEFENDANT "Oh, gentlemen, listen, I pray."
No. 11   "That seems a reasonable proposition."
No. 12 SESTET and CHORUS "A nice dilemma we have here."
No. 13 DUET and CHORUS "I love him, I love him."
No. 14 FINALE "Oh, joy unbounded."

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