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All the music and lyrics from this ever popular opera
Illustrated with historic photographs of performances by the
D'Oyly Carte Opera Company

These MIDI files were sequenced by Paul Howarth. They are available as either sound only MIDI files or as Karaoke files which display the lyrics as they play if you have a suitable player. You can also download all the MIDI files as a single zipped file:

For the sake of musical continuity, the MIDI files do not exactly correspond with the numbers in the Vocal Score

No. 1 Chorus "Hark, the hour of ten is sounding"
  Solo (Usher)
Recit. (Defendant)
"Now, Jury-men hear my advice"
"Is this the Court of the Exchequer"
No. 1a
No. 2 Song & Chorus (Defendant) "When first my old, old love I knew"
No. 3 Chorus & Solo (Judge) "All hail great Judge!"
No. 4 Song (Judge) "When I, good friends, was call'd to the bar"
No. 5 Recit. (Counsel) "Swear thou the Jury!"
No. 6 Chorus & Solo (Plaintiff) "Where is the Plaintiff?... Comes the broken flower"
No. 7 Scene "Oh, never, never, never, since I joined the human race"
No. 8 Solo & Chorus (Counsel) "May it please you, my lud!"
No. 9 Scene "That she is reeling"
No. 10 Song (Defendant) "Oh, gentlemen, listen I pray"
No. 11 Scene "That seems a reasonable proposition"
No. 12 Sestet (with Chorus) "A nice dilemma we have here"
No. 13 Duet (Plaintiff & Defendant)
& Scene
"I love him, I love him"
"The question, gentlemen, is one of liquor"
No. 14 Finale "Oh, joy unbounded"

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