Mr. Dymott as Bob Becket in H.M.S. Pinafore

(Mr.) Dymott (1878-79)

Mr. Dymott was the original Bob Becket, the carpenter's mate, when H.M.S. Pinafore premiered at the Opera Comique on May 25, 1878. When the fracture occurred between Carte and the directors of the Comedy-Opera Company at the end of July 1879, Mr. Dymott decided that his future lay with the directors.He was, accordingly, the only performer with a named part at the Opera Comique to switch to the directors' unauthorized (by Gilbert, Sullivan, or Carte) production at the Imperial Theatre.It ran a month there before transferring to the Royal Olympic, ultimately closing in September for lack of public support. Dymott would remain at the Olympic for the next production, a comic opera called Marigold, opening October 29, 1879, in which he appeared as Jehan.

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