Rhoda Maitland as Elsie Maynard in The Yeomen of the Guard

Rhoda Maitland (1887-89, 1892)

Rhoda Maitland joined the newly reformed D'Oyly Carte Opera Company "D" on tour in September 1887, appearing as the Lady Ella in Patience and Peep-Bo in The Mikado until November 1887. She also toured from February to June 1888 with Carte's "C" (Repertory) Company, appearing as Patience and briefly (in April) as Hebe in H.M.S. Pinafore.

From July to October 1888 she appeared, still with "C" Company," as Isabel in The Pirates of Penzance, Amanda in The Carp, Ella, and Peep-Bo, and filling in on occasion in August for Margaret Cockburn as Mabel in Pirates. Then, on November 1, 1888, she was Kate in the first provincial production of The Yeomen of the Guard, but filled in the next day for Miss Cockburn (who had fallen ill) as Elsie Maynard. She did extremely well on short notice and was promoted later that month for her efforts.

She toured with "E" Company as principal soprano from November 1888 until August 1889, appearing as Mabel, Elsie, and Yum-Yum in The Mikado.

Rhoda Maitland was married to E. H. Beresford, business manager for various D'Oyly Carte touring companies from 1887 to 1894. It was during one of those tours that Miss Maitland made her last, emergency, appearance with D'Oyly Carte Opera Company "C," filling in for Margaret Cockburn as Elsie Maynard in The Yeomen of the Guard on December 18, 1892.

Mr. Beresford (whose real last name was Bull) would later lease the Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton, and ultimately became secretary of the Royal General Theatrical Fund.

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