B. R. Pepper (1875, 1878)

[Born London 1850, died Islington 1888]

Belville Robert Pepper was a professional vocalist as early as 1870, appearing with a touring company in Great Yarmouth that year.

When Trial by Jury opened at London's Royalty Theatre on March 25, 1875, Pepper created the part of the Usher, but the following month found him in the jury box as Foreman of the Jury, and by May his role was reduced to the non-solo singing part the Associate. While holding down this role he was given small parts in Offenbach's La Perichole (Usher and Second Notary), the full-length attraction at the time on the Royalty bill, and The Secret (the Porter), a farce added to the evening's entertainment. He appears to have left the Company altogether in June 1875.

Pepper returned to Trial by Jury and D'Oyly Carte management in March 1878, once more as the Foreman on a tour with the Comedy Opera Company Ltd. in what was also the first provincial production of The Sorcerer. The tour lasted until August, with Pepper sharing the Foreman with George Mudie.

Little is known of Pepper's career beyond the D'Oyly Carte organization. In 1882, however, he sang the part of Vanderbout in a touring production of Offenbach's Genevieve de Brabant featuring Miss Duglas Gordon in the title role.

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