Albert E. Rees (1892-97, 1899-1900)

Albert E. Rees was a bass-baritone chorister and small part player with D'Oyly Opera Company "D" from March 1892 to December 1895. Over this period he appeared at various times as the Second Huntsman (March 1892-December 1893 and December 1894-December 1895) and Reverend Sandford (briefly, October 1892) in The Vicar of Bray, Captain Billy in Captain Billy (March-August 1892), the Policeman in Quite an Adventure (August 1892-December 1894), Sing-Song Simeon in Haddon Hall (December 1892-December 1893), and Scaphio (briefly, December 1894), Calynx (December 1894-December 1895) and Captain Corcoran (March 1894, and at various times in 1895, while he also played Calynx) in Utopia Limited. The Company "D" cast for Quite an Adventure also appeared at the Savoy for two weeks beginning December 15, 1894.

He probably joined D'Oyly Carte Opera Company "B" (later "C") in January 1896, where he remained for the next several years. With Company "C" he sang Pish-Tush in The Mikado from August to December 1896, filled in as Scaphio again in December 1897, and assumed the Foreman of the Jury in Trial by Jury in February 1898.

Over the next few years Rees appeared as the Foreman in Trial ( through April 1900), Arac in Princess Ida (January 1899-April 1900, though it's unclear how often), and Annibale in The Gondoliers (January-December 1899). In April 1900 he transferred to D'Oyly Carte Opera Company "D," where he toured as the Grand Vizier in The Rose of Persia until December of that year. It was his last role with the D'Oyly Carte organization.

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