Gilbert and Sullivan Archive

Gilbert & Sullivan Opera
A History and a Comment

by H. M. Walbrook

Author of "Nights at the Play"

with a Foreword by

Sir Henry Wood

illustrated by
H. M. Bateman, W. H. Holloway, etc.

London: F. V. White & Co. Ltd.
17, Buckingham Street, Strand, W.C. 1922


I. The Hour and the Men
II. A Toole and Nelly Farren Opera
III. W. S. Penley's Début
IV. George Grosssmith's First Part
V. The Adventures of "H.M.S. Pinafore"
VI. Some Ancestors and an Escutcheon
VII. Bunthorne's Bride
VIII. A Merry Lord Chancellor
IX. A String of Pearls
X. A Japanese Opera
XI. "Ruddygore" and "Ruddigore"
XII. "I Have a Song to Sing, Oh!"
XIII. The Ducal Palace and Barataria
XIV. Queen Victoria and "The Gondoliers"
XV. "Utopia, Limited"
XVI. The Last of the Operas
XVII. The Brain and the Heart
XVIII. "The English Offenbach"
XIX. W.S. Gilbert as Producer
XX. Epilogue

Drawing of Rose Maybud

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